Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Look for a New Start!

I have created a new look for the rest of summer and into the fall!  In addition of a new look I am making changes to my blog, I am making at least three weekly post with themes of things going on in my life right now.  I am always making menu's for our dinner plans for the week and posting them on the fridge for my family not to mention my shopping list.  There is also another big change going in my life, I have not been running in months and it shows.  I am going to update you all with my weight loss/running achievements. I don't like running very much, but I am going to buck up and go for it and maybe my 16 year old son will come with me some days.  The job I have currently is my own business on Etsy, Parraclan Designs.  I make Baby Shower Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Bridal Invitations, Wedding Menus & Programs, Wedding Signs & Posters, Digital Papers, Clip Art, Moving Announcements, Recipe Cards, Thank You Cards and much more.  I also take custom orders for any kind of graphic design.

So look for new postings in the coming weeks for Menu Monday, Weight Loss Wednesday and Etsy Update Fridays! 

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